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Artist OG

Born in Koblenz German under the Name Gunter George Kilbinger

Mother Annemarie and  Father Otto Kilbinger

Here are the names Gunter Kilbinger Used in the 70s and orly 80 s

DJ George and Artist Name Disco Feet, DJ George Got Has first Dee Jay Gig at age 16

At a Small Night Club Tenne in Horscheim Koblenz, and also work as A pro Janitor doing the day.

Here are the Clubs that DJ George Worked in Germany until 1985.

Tenne, Palm Beach Night Club, Martinique, Crazy Horse, Studio 54, Discothèque Queen

Soul Club Pata Pata , City Club, Silver dollar night Club .In 1985 DJ George relocate to the United States

Start working at Dennis Restaurant in Virginia, 1986, DJ George Started working as A Dee Jay at the

Famers Night Club in Washington DC the Bachelors Mill he work at The Bachelors Mill until 2006

Under the Owner Beatrice Gatch DJ George also Gust DJ at Club Divas in South   Carolina, also worked

At night Club Nob Hill.

DJ George did accomplished 2 rearing Contract with Columbia records under Sam Taylor songs was

released on Vinyl DJ George Begun Producing has first House Music Album under White Chocolate

Album was recorded and Mastered by George Mitchell Backbeat Records also had 2 releases under Greg

Cash Bumping City Records Chicago I Believe, and GK Sound Express, also released  a Track on a EP on

Odeon D Records Washington DC .  and worked with Local Artist Anaud Strong and also with the late

Colonel Abrams DJ George   he produced a Track House of Stone, Track was never released on any

House Label he will release it on has upcoming House Album is All about House Music he als is working

on a RnB Pop Album with all original songs and Music written By DJ George ( Gunter George KIlbinger

Also DJ George produce Music Videos on Your Tube under Artist OG and Has website DJ George is also and accomplished Material Artist, Dancer Preformer.and he  

plan on doing more great Things in 2021, DJ George/Artist OG owner of Dragon record MD./BMI

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BC Record GK sound  Xp.jpg
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